Hello, fellow internet-connected human. How did you get here?

bandita is an anagram with my real first name, and I like the meanings of the word in various languages.

My site is called redcatbear because like red cat-bears (also called red bear-cats or more commonly red pandas although they’re not closely related), I’m a mix of white and brown with a pinch of Asian, and big dark brown eyes. I share a liking for trees and comfortable hangout spots as well as a preference for solitary time and a plant-based diet with the animal. My husband calls me Bear more often than my actual name and we live with three cats. Add that red is a color I fancy and youptidou, the name fits me like a small band (aka bandita). Wow, I’m on fire today!

Last but not least, red pandas are one of the most adorable representatives of species extinction across planet, a mascot I deemed appropriate for my exploration of doing things differently as a lucky beneficiary of the abundance of all the places I call home(s).